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Declaration on the foundation of the Nordic Audio Film Forum for exchange and cooperation

On November 3rd, 2013 the Nordic Audio Film Forum was informally founded in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany. It is a network of the following associations:

Andersicht e. V. - Kompetenz für hör- und tastsinnige Projektarbeit (Germany),

The forum invites o further partners to join.

Our intentions

The forum intends to promote the national and international supply of audiodescription for cinema, television and cultural events by exchange of experience, common projects and initiatives.

Cooperation in the area of audiodescription drives more participation for blind and partially sighted people in the cultural exchange of the countries.

The forum intends to give audiodescription more publicity. Especially festivals and great events should offer more assistance. The forum supports audiodescription to those cinema films, which are nominated for international festivals by delivering versions in languages of involved countries. Public performances during film festivals in the participating countries should be realized as soon as possible.

Subtitled films got to have also multilingual audio subtitles to make a full access for visually handicapped people in international performances.

The members of the Nordic Audio Film Forum looks for partnership with film  and media business, culture promotion and science in their own country in order to put the international intent for more audiodescription into practice.

Next Steps

  1. The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Kopenhagen as an international event with live audiodescription should become a symbol for more participation for visually handicapped people in our countries. We intend to approach promoters and broadcasting stations in order to motivate and accompany the necessary steps.
  2. In their own countries the forum members try to produce audiodescription for films which are nominated for international festivals and which are translated into the languages of the other participating countries.  Audiodescription will be improved by exchange and international cooperation in the participating countries.
  3. Experience and knowledge concerning audiodescription and subtitled contents from one lingual area to another, especially concerning movies, shall be documented, evaluated und published.
  4. The members take commonly care for publication of experience and results in adequate magazines, forums and in the communication media of the project members, as soon as possible on an own internet homepage for the Nordic Audiofilm Forums.


Dr. Jürgen Trinkus for Andersicht e. V. - Kompetenz für hör- und tastsinnige Projektarbeit
Kadrian Hiie, Raili Ilves and Helena Orle (Mittetulundusühing Kakora)
Maija Hirvonen (Näkövammaisten kulttuuripalvelu),
Peter Lilliecrona ( Syntolkning Nu)

Official Contact Informations of the members

Andersicht e. V. - Kompetenz für hör- und tastsinnige Projektarbeit
Chairman: Dr. Jürgen Trinkus
Mühlenkampsredder 3, 24220 Flintbek, GERMANY
Tel: +49 4347 909811; E-Mail: Homepage:

Mittetulundusühing Kakora:
Tuulemaa 9-21, 10312 Tallinn, ESTONIA
tel. +372 66 11 289, e-post:; Homepage:

Syntolkning Nu:
Sven Hultinsgata 9c, 3 tr, 412 58 Göteborg, SWEDEN
E-Mail: info(at); Homepage:


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